Care instructions

We want you to enjoy your lettering for many years.
It is therefore important to know how to take good care of it. Here are some pointers.


Just like the boat hull, you should also regularly clean your boatsign® lettering. It is best to do the same as for the hull.

icon hochdruckHigh Pressure Cleaner
A rough pre-cleaning with e.g. a high-pressure cleaner does no harm to the lettering as long as you run the nozzle briefly and at a sufficient distance over the characters. Avoid pointing the concentrated jet at one spot for a long time. The foam adhesive in particular should not be exposed to the jet for too long. Problems are caused by the adhesive, not the moisture, but the high mechanical force exerted by a high-pressure cleaner. Set at the wrong angle, the jet can act like a blade that destroys the foam of the adhesive. The design surfaces of ZUIDERZEE and MAYA BAY are also sensitive to this hard water jet.

icon reinigungCleaning supplies
Do not use any harsh detergents for cleaning, and never use solvents or alcohol-based cleaners. As a rule of thumb: what doesn't harm your gelcoat is also suitable for the lettering. The supplied biofix® cleaner works very well against stubborn dirt. It is also ideal for all other plastic and painted metal surfaces. Our customers report that it works miracles on synthetic leather. You can reorder the biofix® cleaner at any time, even in larger containers.


icon pflegeThe same applies here: What is good for your hull also helps your boatsign® lettering against environmental influences.
Plastic care products, polishes and deep cleaners protect the plastic surface and refresh the colors. Always apply polishes very thinly. Otherwise, excess polish can sit behind the lettering on the adhesive. This is not harmful, but the light color of the agent is difficult to remove at this point.


icon schildAlways protect your boatsign® lettering from mechanical influences. The plastic is - just like e.g. the gelcoat of your boat - scratch-sensitive. Sharp objects, sandpaper and scouring pads can cause unsightly scratches on the surface.

Do you have any questions about care? Contact us. We would like to help you.

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